Alive Radio

Alive Radio


Original air-date: 1 September 2009

107.3 FM Alive FM provides a service for the people of Dumfries, with a particular focus on the Christian community.

Alive is from Dumfries, produced by people from local churches, who formed Alive Christian Media Ltd., as an umbrella body to oversee a radio station underpinned by Christian values.

Ofcom awarded a Community Radio Licence in May 2007 to Alive Radio for the Dumfries area.

There is a huge variety of radio shows with something for everyone - from quiet talk shows to loud music shows!

Around 40 people are involved in the organisation. Community radio is all about supporting a community, helping it to grow and develop in a healthy way.

Through Alive Radio, the plan is to build on past experience, to present a valuable resource for Dumfries and surrounding rural communities, through discussions, interviews, news, and really good music.

It's brought to the public by people from local churches and the foundation of the station comes from Christian values and the love of God. It is not a station which pushes Christianity down people's throats but is a real and natural expression of lively, relevant faith, presented with enthusiasm and fun.

Communities in and around Dumfries are often described as fragmented and depressed.

Alive Radio on 107.3 FM aims to connect those communities; providing a forum for information, discussion and involvement. It aims to be a vital hinge pin, enabling people to understand each other and work together Alive also aims to breathe life into our communities.

There's a wealth of talent and potential amongst us - it just needs to be released. Through exciting music genres, training opportunities and a lively approach our local communities will be enriched and freshened with new hope for the future.

Relevant, engaging training opportunities to young people and older ones too are offered through links with the local schools, colleges and adult education.


Alive Radio

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Tel: 01387 262423 Text: 07751 891946