The funding of community stations come from a number of sources.

Ofcom will usually allow stations to include a certain amount of advertising and sponsorship in their broadcasts and in most cases this is 50% of running costs can be derived from commercial spot advertising and sponsorship of programmes and features.

However, at least half of income must come from other areas and sources. This could include public funding from local or central government, other government agencies, the European Union, the National Lottery or charities, training and employment grant schemes and donations.

If you are keen to support the Scottish Community Broadcasting Network - SCBN - and licensed Community Radio stations in Scotland, then find out how you can make a difference, either as a personal or company donation, through a grant or by any other means, the SCBN would be delighted to hear from you.

See the Contact page  to get in touch with the chairman or secretary of the Scottish Community Broadcasting Network who will be delighted to discuss sponsorship and fundraising opportunities for the Network of Community stations around Scotland.