Revival FM

Revival FM
100.8 FM

Scotland's Christian community radio station serving North Lanarkshire and East Dunbartonshire where hearing is believing.

Revival FM launched on 3 September 2006 broadcasting from Cumbernauld new town and operating on a Community Radio Licence issued by Ofcom, the United Kingdom broadcasting and telecoms regulator.

Revival FM is family friendly radio, with a positive message focused on both the people who form the community and the environment which surrounds our communities.

Revival FM brings you a wide range of music and talk, together with news from and about the community.

Revival FM is a familiar voice, a friend available 24 hours a day on the radio on 100.8 FM or computer.


Revival FM
PO Box 106
G67 1JX

Tele: 01236 721110
Fax: 0870 486 8701