Mearns FM

Mearns FM
105.7 FM (Stonehaven) 106.2 FM (Inverbervie area) 107.3 FM (Laurencekirk/Fettercairn area)

Serving the community in the Mearns area of South Aberdeenshire - we're the "spik o’ the Mearns"

Mearns FM is a registered charity which was awarded an Ofcom Licence for three transmitters to establish a community owned and volunteer operated radio station for the Mearns area of South Aberdeenshire in north east Scotland.

The coverage area includes Stonehaven, Inverbervie, St Cyrus, Laurencekirk, Newtonhill and the smaller settlements in between. Mearns FM launched on 6 June 2009 on 105.7, 106.2 and 107.3 FM

The project has support from all the area’s MP, MSPs, local authority councillors as well as many of the clubs and groups in the Mearns area of Aberdeenshire.

As stated in the Ofcom application, Mearns FM: “Will be a socially inclusive station maintaining a service of news, music, drama, and interesting and entertaining talk. By being a channel of communication for those wishing to forward community initiatives and by assisting those wishing to develop their personal talents Mearns FM will endeavour to achieve a more cohesive, friendly and culturally rich local society.”

An open access policy will be pursued and those wishing to participate will be able to learn and practice the many artistic technical and organisational skills required in broadcasting. They will also have opportunities to
use the latest broadband technologies which will be used for remote broadcasts and to enable rural settlements to contribute to the programming from their own studios.

The constitution ensures the station will be managed by the community it serves. Voting Members must be nominated by a constituted community group although general membership is open to all. Officers are elected at the AGM. The Mearns is a distinct cultural area now with its own broadcasting service.

The demise of the Kincardine County Council has led to a loss of focus and created a need for more media promoting and celebrating the day to day achievements, talents and aspirations of this rural community. Mearns FM meets this need.


Mearns FM
11 Allardice Street
AB39 2BS

Telephone: 01569 760321
Text: 0787 105 2 107