Dunoon Community Radio

Dunoon Community Radio
Radio Ghaidhlig Dun Omhain
97.4 FM

Dunoon Community Radio broadcasts to the people of Dunoon, the Cowal Peninsula and surrounding area.

The Dunoon Community Radio group was set up in 2005 to represent the community in a bid to secure the Ofcom broadcasting license required for public broadcasting and to secure the start up funding.

One year later in October 2006 after much organisation and with the support of volunteers, Dunoon Community Radio joined forces with Radio Mod in their national broadcast coverage of the prestigious Royal National Mod.

Dunoon Community Radio was allotted broadcast time to broadcast live programmes of their choice, the perfect opportunity to introduce themselves to Dunoon with a flavour of future broadcast. As the National Mod is also a celebration of the Gaelic language many programmes were recorded in Gaelic and during live broadcast spoken Gaelic was included with English translation.

The feedback from the local community during and after the week long broadcast was very encouraging. The experience gained in the preparation, organization and the broadcast assisted in the Ofcom radio broadcast licence application.

At the beginning of January 2007 the Dunoon community radio group, submitted an application to Ofcom for a Community Radio License and were delighted to be informed in July 2007 that their application had been accepted and a license awarded.

Dunoon Community Radio launched on 1 December 2009 on 97.4 FM with a daytime sustaining service provided by Celtic Music Radio.

Extract from the Mission Statement:

Dunoon Community Radio is managed, operated and maintained by people from all sectors of the community with special emphasis for the young and elderly, some participating in the radio activities as individuals others from groups or associations, local schools etc.

Broadcast programmes will encourage listener participation and will cover a wide variety of music, leisure pursuits, local history and culture, language and social issues. Dunoon Community Radio will be dedicated to the promotion of matters of local interest and concern, promoting local activities and events and the promotion of the Gaelic Language and culture.

By offering the services of Dunoon Community Radio to local government, educational institutes, local careers, charities and fundraisers, Dunoon Community Radio will raise community awareness and credibility to become an integral part of the Dunoon and Cowal community.


Dunoon Community Radio
Argyll Business Centre
204 Argyll Street
PA23 7HA

Tel: 01369 703 201
Text: 0775 123 6995
Email: mail@dunooncommunityradio.org
Website: www.dunooncommunityradio.org