This is the online presence of the Scottish Community Broadcasting Network

The Scottish Community Broadcasting Network (SCBN) was established in the autumn of 2007 with an aim to support community radio projects in Scotland.

The Scottish Community Broadcasting Network current membership works together to provide support, advice and guidance to communities who are interested in community radio and media.

Working on shared issues such as funding, practice sharing and training the group raises awareness of the important role of community radio in Scotland's communities and to explore alternative ways of broadcasting effectively to communities of interest and geographical communities.

In Scotland and throughout the UK, community radio stations are licensed by regulator Ofcom (Office of Communications) which is based in London and has a branch office in Edinburgh.

Ofcom defines community radio as licences for small-scale, not-for-profit radio stations operated for the good of members of the public, or of particular communities, and in order to deliver social gain.

The licenses are awarded by Ofcom following a formal application process. Not all applicants are awarded a licence to broadcast.


Picture above, studio 1 at 100.8 Revival FM based in Cumbernauld, the first new Ofcom Community Radio licensed station in Scotland which launched on 3 September 2006. 

The SCBN website lists radio stations on-air that hold an Ofcom Community Radio Licence.

The list includes the station name and its broadcast frequency, coverage area and some information on the service provided and general contact details.

Other very small-scale commercial radio stations in Scotland licensed by Ofcom that hold ILR (Commercial radio) licenses, but in all other regards are community radio stations, are also listed.